Dr. Charles Phillips

Founder of Kingdom Christian Center Church International

Author, lecturer, mentor and motivational speaker, Dr. Charles Phillips, was involved as a professional speaker for more than 30 years. He served as Platinum Speaker with the Les Brown Platinum Speakers Network. (Mr. Brown was listed as one of the top 5 speakers in the world by NSA [The National Speaker’s Association]. Much of his emphasis has been around relationships and personal empowerment. He has been in demand as a conference speaker round the world, including several parts of Africa (i.e. the former Zaire, Togo, Ghana, and South Africa), England, West Germany, Canada, the Caribbean, from coast to coast across America. and in Seoul Korea where he spoke to audiences over 25,000. He also had the privilege of sharing the stage with actor Ernest Thomas (Roger from the TV sitcom, What’s Happening! and What’s Happening Now! ) during a stage play in Washington, DC. Charles pursued his undergraduate studies at Prince George’s Community College and the University of Maryland with a concentration in Psychology.

Dr. Phillips was recognized for his highly acclaimed position paper entitled, The Mis-Education of Blacks in America. He is the author of several books including: How to Give Birth to a Vision, Where Do I go From Here?, How to Develop a Success Mentality, and Women Coping with the Frustration of Extended Singleness. His books are now in the hands of individual around the world in such places as New Zealand, Africa and Singapore. As a Result of his books, he appeared on The 700 Club’s Heart to Heart television program with Sheila Walsh and on the nationally televised BET Tonight with Travis Smiley.

Dr. Phillips was one of the principal owners of the Dream Television Network and has been a television and radio personality in the United States and the Caribbean, having the distinction of hosting the highest rated radio program on one of the local stations in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Charles was selected to be part of a forum on “The Restoration of the Family” at the White House during former President George H. W. Bush’s administration. He attended the unveiling of former President Bill Clinton’s economic development plan for the District of Columbia at the invitation of the White House as one of the selected community leaders of Washington, DC.

Dr. Phillips received an Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Logos International University and Graduate School in Jacksonville, FL. He is representative to the United Nations, as a Non-Government Official to Economic Concilias and is an Executive Trustee, North American Regional Director and International Director of Regional Offices of the International Third Work Leaders Association (I.T.W.L.A.), which is headed by Dr. Myles Munroe of Nassau, Bahamas.