You can pay your tithes and offerings online via Pay Pal. Click on the “Give Online” button and follow the below instructions.



  1.  Click on the “Send” link in the top menu
  2.  Enter the church email: in the “Email” box
  3.  Enter the total giving amount in the “Amount” box and click “Continue”
  4.  Click the “Friends and Family” button.
  5.  Log into Pay Pal with an existing account or “Sign Up” if you do not have a Pay Pal account.
  6.  Enter the giving breakdown in the “Write a Note” box. (example: $25 for Tithes, $25 Offering)
  7.  Select payment option under “You’re sending with” menu
  8.  Click “Send Money Now” button

For questions or if you require assistance, email

Note: The church reserves the right to use all funds as it deems appropriate.